Acne, glutathione and MaxGxl

Glutathione is known to help in skin care.  In Asia, skin whitening pills are very popular, mostly taken orally claim to smoothen and give fairer skin.  High glutathione levels in the body is also known to be one of the best ways to clear acne.  It helps to balance  your body, control acne and skin cells so to avoid skin scaring.  A lot of people have testified of taking oral glutathione for their acne problems,  there are also people who say that it didn't work.  There are many factors that will affect the effectivity of supplements like lifestyle, diet and hygiene but the bottom line is how  to raise the GLUTATHIONE LEVELS in your cells effectively to make this  treatment succesful.  The problem with ORAL glutathione is that it's actually destroyed in the intestinal tract before it can be absorbed by the cells.  Diet high in glutathione like meat and poultry may be affected by cooking.  When it comes to fruits and vegetables, you may have to consume tons of it before you can raise your glutathione levels.

Raising glutathione levels in your body to treat acne is clinically proven.  You can read about the studies in Pubmed here.  One sure way to raise glutathione is to take MaxGXL (Researched and formulated by Dr. Robert Keller, multi-awarded and well known scientist)., where the ingredients are safely formulated so that you don't have to worry about toxicity or overdose.  It is not glutathione.  It is a precursor that helps your body produce glutathione within your cells so that the body heals itself.  I'm recommending this supplement because I've seen it work with my two teenage kids who had acne problems for over a year.

My 14 yr old son took 3 cappsules of MaxGXL a day about 2 months ago.  Here is his progress:
This was his acne condition 2 months ago before taking MaxGXL.  He often had oily face and pimples would appear one after the other.

After about 3 weeks he had lesser pimples and large ones healed faster.

After about 6 weeks he had lesser large pimples and clearer skin.

                          My 18 year old daughter started with 3 capsules a day on day 1.

Her acne didn't improve after a week so she took 4 capsules a day and here it is after 4 weeks.

Her skin improved in about 6 weeks, Only visible marks remain from previous pimples.  At least there are no more large pimples to worry about.  She said she had lesser oily face since taking MaxGXL.
The dosage depends on how each reacts to the supplement.  Like in my daughter's case, her improvement was slower as compared to my son.  MaxGXL has no danger of overdose.  The recommended dosage for adult is 6 capsules a day and if there are health issues being treated you shouldn;t hesitate to add more, depending on your body's reaction.

I encourage you to try MaxGXL for your acne especially for teens to avoid skin scaring or permanent marks that could affect their self esteem in their adult life.  It  greatly improved the skin condition of my teens.   I hope this info helps.  

If you would like to order MaxGXL, Click the image below:


                           Max Gxl has helped their skin improve internally but a daily regimen of cleansing and moisturizing is also important to maintain a clear skin.  Each person has his/her own regimen that will work effectively.  I found this out in my children's case where the regimen at (Benzac and moisturizer) worked for him while my daughter's regimen was the one recommended by a dermatologist (clarifying lotion,ab toner & tretinoin) which didn't work for my son.

If you have any questions about the product and how to order, pls email me at ellen


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