Asthma, Glutathione and MaxGxl

I recenly wrote an article about asthma and MaxGxl.

Asthma Prevention For Toddlers  

Here I wrote about my experience as a young mother who had to handle my toddler's asthma.  It was an unforgettable experience for me since I had no knowledge about the causes and treatment of this disease.  Now my toddler is now a 21 year old young professional working as a Speech Pathologist.  Throughout the years her asthma attacks lessened as she grew older, sometimes having it only once a year following a cold virus.  At present, her work environment are surrounded by kids (her patients) and most of the time these kids had colds and it was inevitable for her to catch it from their sneezes.  As a result, she too had colds which led to her more frequent asthma attacks.

Fortunately, we had known about MaxGxl and the info we had on its very effective prevention against asthma.  We noticed a big difference on how she recovered from a cold virus and how it lessened the severity of an asthma attack.  Before MaxGxl, a simple cold would worsen to a severe cough to an asthma attack (difficulty breathing and lack of sleep),  This would last for almost a week before she regains normal activity again.  Since taking MaxGxl (almost 3 months now)  her recent cold virus just lasted for about 2 days with a slight coughing and very slight trace of difficulty breathing in the morning which only lasted for half a day after she took a double dose of MaxGxl,  Her normal activity wasn't hindered at all and she fully recovered just like any normal person with no asthma.

We can truthfully say that it has strengthened her immune system and prevented a severe asthma attack.  MaxGxl truly helps in the air passage..  

I can say this is the best supplement for anyone who has asthma problems.  It raises glutathione levels naturally  to prevent chronic diseases such as asthma.

You can read about such clinical studies here in Pubmed:

Read more about MaxGxl, its ingredients and how it raises your glutathione levels naturally here:  MAXGXL - THE GLUTATHIONE ACCELERATOR

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