Alternatives for Energy Drinks

Most young adults nowadays are in the habit of drinking energy drinks almost everyday. Those who workout need that energy boost especially men who are trying to build up their muscles.

However, there are reports by the FDA about illness, injury or deaths of people who took these drinks.

Their advice to consumers: "It is important for consumers to realize that, while stimulants such as caffeine may make one feel more alert and awake, judgment and reaction time can still be impaired by insufficient rest or sleep. If you are thinking about taking one of these products, please consult your health care provider to ensure that you don’t have an underlying or undiagnosed medical condition that could worsen as a result of using them"

 Acording to Suzanne Farrell, MS, RD, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. "Most of the energy from these drinks comes from the sugar and caffeine, not from the unnecessary extras."

Even the World Health Organization has warned that Increased consumption of energy drinks may pose danger to public health, especially among young people.  They recommended government agencies to enforce regulation of the industry to responsibly market their products.

Here are some alternatives you can take to replace energy drinks. 

1. Mike Geary, founder of Truth About Abs, suggests a morning work out drink.  His personal recipe for a morning workout drink is to mix 6 oz. of herbal iced tea with 6 oz. of pure blueberry or blackberry juice. Add 15 g 20 g of whey protein and a tablespoon or two of coconut milk. This drink breaks down immediately when ingested, providing you with the energy required during your workout. (

2. Natural Energy Drinks: ( Natural, Sugar free, Zero Calorie, No artificial sweeteners, No preservatives)



 An easier alernative is to take a Glutathione precursor  such as MAX GXL formulated by Dr. Robert Keller.  This natural supplement provides the needed energy .  People who took Max Gxl reported increased energy level.

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