Strong Immune System for Kids

There are a lot of controversy today about giving vaccines to children.  Reports say that it causes autism as shown with the rise of cases in the past few years. This puts some parents in a dilemma on whether or not to vaccinate their children. It is important to know how to help their children develop a strong immune system regardless of the choices they make,

I am sharing a book I read a few years back entitled "Super Immunity for Kids", (Pls. click link) Superimmunity for Kids: What to Feed Your Children to Keep Them Healthy Now, and Prevent Disease in Their Future

  .It is a comprehensive book on nutrition and your child's immune system starting from pregnancy, birth, toddler to teen years. The contents include :

- the link on nutrition and immunity, 
- how optimally nourished mothers produce stronger babies
- how to feed your child from birth to six months
- how to feed your child when starting on solid food
- how to develop a supernourished toddler.  (age 1-5+)
- nutritional first aid to fight toddler diseases
- how to feed your school age child (age 5-12)
- how to keep your teenager in top health
- how good nutrition creates immunity for life
- recipes for healthy snacks, desserts and spreads

In its foreword, Louise Bates Ames, Associate Director and Co-Founder of the Gesell Institute of Human Development wrote: 

"Parents today are aware that the food a child eats influences not only his health but also his behavior.  They are increasingly concerned about eating, but in a different way from previous generations.  In the past parents worried chiefly about how much a child ate, now they are interested in what he eats.  This book provides the newest, most detailed , specific, comprehensive, and authoritative information yet available on nutrition for children."

The author Leo Galland M.D. based in New York City, is an internist and author of several popular medical books, a regular columnist of Huffington Post.  He writes various issues in integrated medicine and has been listed by Castle Connolly among America's Top Doctors.

I have read the book and it had become a preventive health advice for parents like me who encountered certain childhood disease (asthma) with my first child while she was still a toddler.  It helped me gain basic knowledge about important nutrients that children ought to have while growing up.  I found out that recurrent infections, deficiencies in certain nutrients contribute to a malfunction of immune system.  Simple solutions such as cutting back on sugar and substituting with simple healthy snacks, how antibiotics can form a chain reaction of yeast and allergies that can cause a weak immune system and what to give to prevent this.and so much more.  My eldest is now a healthy beautiful lady with no allergies or asthma because a healthy diet  has become her mindset  applied throughout her growing years.  I'm not saying she never ate junk food, ice cream, cakes and doughnuts, yes she loved them but she knew about moderation and we provided her the vitamins and important nutrients necessary for immunity.

 This book helped me a lot and served as an important guide in raising a healthy, well-rounded child.  I encourage parents, pregnant mothers, couples planning to have a baby to read this book and gain the knowledge they need to keep their children and future kids healthy,

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